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LTO7 Ultrium (6tb-15tb)/Hewlett-packard: Hp, Enterprise, C7977A, Data, Cartridge, LTO7, Ultrium, 15TB, (20, pack), ECO, FRIENDLY,

Hp Enterprise C7977A Data Cartridge LTO7 Ultrium 15TB (20 pack) ECO FRIENDLY

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Data Cartridge LTO7 Ultrium 15 TB Eco Pack (20 Pack) Data Cartridge LTO7 Ultrium 15 TB Eco Pack (20 Pack)

HP produces the LTO Ultrium Eco Pack, a 20 cartridge 'no case’ option for customers who do not require individual cartridge protection, HP's research shows that 93% of users store tapes in their original pack container. The Eco Case is the first solution for customers who want to combine product utility with high environmental principles.

HP's unique Eco Case cartridge packaging is manufactured using a process known as Pulp Injection Moulding that is derived from 100% recycled pulp and is made to be 100% recyclable and biodegradable in soil within six months. Compared to the traditional, polypropylene (PP) LTO cartridge case, the Eco Case reduces oil consumption by two thirds and carbon dioxide emissions by a half.

Each individual LTO Ultrium PP cartridge case takes 2.73 KWh of energy to make. Hence, a customer purchasing 1,000 Eco Case cartridges is saving 2,700 KWh of energy - equivalent to running a 50" HD TV for 8 hours a day for five years.

Each individual LTO Ultrium PP cartridge case is manufactured using approximately 1 kg of oil. Using the same 1,000 cartridge example, Eco Case packaging saves enough resources to run a 1.1 litre diesel powered car 5,800 miles in comparison to the traditional LTO media case.

Crucially, however, the Eco Case does not compromise protection from shock, vibration and debris contamination when compared to a plastic case.

Users will never put their data at risk by using an Eco Case to store and archive their data cartridge. It will safeguard their storage media in all the recommended environments that a traditional plastic case would be expected to do so.

Last updated: Saturday, 21 May 2022


This product is sourced in Australia and carries a full Australian Manufacturers Warranty